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Joshua Kelly

[FSX P3D] Aerosoft - Frankfurt Am Main EDDF V2.08 Serial Key

First of all don't give up. Every system can be configurated proprelly for fsx. Mine also is a low mid pc with I5 processor, 8 Gb RAM and Nvidia GT 420 4 mb gpu. And I have no problems flying at add-ons airport and pmdg or aerosoft aircraft. Of course you must have in mind that what you like to see in the simulator and what your system like to show you in fsx is totally a different thing. If you want some help you should give more information like; How does your fsx.cfg looks like? Do you really need all of you're add-on? I mean I fly main in europe so add-on like KLAX , KBOS and YSSY from fly tampa are dissable in my scenery cfg. I only enable them only when I decide to fly there. That because, you have to understand one thing: FSX is not a game. FSX is a simulation. A game render only the scenery you use in real time, FSX load into memory entire world when you start it. So, more addon, more memory use. Then of course every little thing like cars, boats, airport enviroment traffic, AI traffic, etc, eat memory with bad result on you're system. So I don't care about cars on street ( I let only traffic wich comes with addon airport (most of them have it), I disable also sea trafic like boats, etc, and also airport traffic vehicles (also I use only the vehicles wich comes with airport addon). You must take care of you're AI traffic. I've use UT2 for a while, but I give up for My traffic proffesional, because there was no more update with UT2 (recently they release the update schedule on market, but it cost 6 euros every time. The updates for My traffic are free. So my AI traffic is set to 16%. Is more that you need on bussy airports like Dubai, Frankfurt, Heathrow, etc! This is the only slider I have in "traffic" setting. The others are all to zero! And something else: if you put to zero the traffic road vehicles, is not enough if you have UTX Europe! You have to disable it in UTX, because FSX will still load the traffic into memory, even if is set to zero, is just don't show it to you on the streets. Then disable please all shadows. Is what I told you first: You're system doesn't like to see what YOU like to see in the sim. (after test, you can allways enable them one by one, make test again, and see how far you can push you're pc for fsx).

[FSX P3D] Aerosoft - Frankfurt am Main EDDF v2.08 Serial Key


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