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About Madizen Yoga

   All my life movement has been a driving force. After receiving my Bachelor of fine Arts Degree in Dance I found myself turning to yoga day after day to relieve stress and gain mental clarity. 

 I wanted to share this new found love with as many as possible in hopes to spark passion in others. Now having my 200hr teacher certification along with being Prenatal and Post Natal certified I share my love for movement with so many!


   Yoga for me is an outlet, a safe space where I can move my body and clear my mind. It becomes a dance connecting one asana to the next creating seamless transitions with every breathe. Yoga found me and gave me more to love and a bigger purpose in life.


   I did not always have a positive outlook on my body and what is had to offer. Constantly wishing I looked a certain way which resulted in unhealthy habits. Once I began yoga that all changed. The appreciation I have for my body and what it can do has been life changing. I see this vessel as strong, beautiful, adaptable, ever changing and most of all capable of so much more then I ever thought.  

Yoga is a way of life. To relieve tension, clear the mind and finding what style best suits you for your body and needs. This is why I started Madizen Yoga in 2019 and hope to be your guide and help you figure out what yoga can do for you.

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