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  Welcome to Madizen Yoga, Where you are the driver and I'm the GPS! One on one classes tailored to the needs and goals of your body. Perfect for those who are just starting OR individuals wanting to advance their movement practice.

  My approach is to ensure you are calm, comfortable and confident within every movement!

Step out of your norm and find new ways to create space within your body and mind.





Colleen, DC

I’ve taken one-on-one classes with Maddie for more than 1 YEAR, and have made more progress than I did in years of regular yoga classes.

We’ve worked on crow, headstand, and wheel, proper form and so much more!. We have improved the core elements of my practice, such as chatarunga, warrior three, and breathe 

I’m noticeably stronger and more flexible, and find the One-on-One format far more engaging and fun than a traditional class. Maddie is a kind and supportive teacher, and her classes have been a great light in otherwise dark times! She also posts useful tips and videos on Instagram, and I made major strides in her four-week Split Series.


Georgina, ON

I cannot recommend Madizenyoga enough. For me, my ono-on-ones with Maddie have been life changing. In a short 6 weeks, I have seen crazy changes in my body strength. Those poses I hated to do because they sucked and hurt are now some of my favourite. In my own practice, I find myself practicing them with her little voice in the back of my head telling me to “find comfort in the discomfort.” I came to her with two goals and my current lessons have been focused on building up the strength for me to accomplish them. No matter what you want to work on, Maddie is your girl. Maddie is real and inviting; she creates an environment that is accepting, open and comforting.Not once have I felt out of place in her lessons or felt like my body can’t do that. She also shares poems and motivational sayings throughout– I’m not saying she’s psychic, but not once have her poems been off base. It’s almost like she knows exactly what to say and when to say it. You come out of her classes with a new take on your day. If my budget allowed for it, I would have private lessons with her every day just to have “that zen” in my life daily. The more classes you do with her the better! I committed to ten sessions out of the gate and after four, I signed up for ten more. I’d ask you to trust me, but I’d honestly rather you find out for yourself. You won’t regret it!


Joanne, ON

It is with great confidence that I have engaged Madisen to help me manage an aging and somewhat resistant body into a new era of health.


She has encouraged a supportive practice, as well as a spiritually charged recognition of the many possibilities of an ongoing active lifestyle. (Even at my age)!


I encourage you to place your mind, spirit and body into ‘Madizens’ loving, caring and capable hands.  Be prepared to ready yourself for a fresh infusion of life and perspective at Any age!

I have had the pleasure of knowing Madisen for most of her ‘young’ life.  First as an admirer of her high energy and natural dance talents as a mere 5 yr. old.  And subsequently as a worldly, disciplined and beautiful interpreter of music and movement in her later years.

These natural and well honed talents have raised her to a higher level of understanding of her own capabilities and limitations. And this knowledge and experience has translated into a skillful coaching and instructional career.

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