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One on One Yoga

the new way to flow in your home

Do you find yourself in yoga classes thinking "am I even doing this pose correctly" or feeling the class you got was not what your body needed? With One on Ones those issues are none existent!! Read below for more information.

Yoga Mat and Straps

Online One on One Yoga

One on One Yoga is a relationship. You and I begin by laying out your goals or needs and I tailor each class to you. Come as you are in your own space and be guided through a full hour of flowing to your needs. Feeling tired? we can do a Yin or Restorative class. Want to workout? My Power Flows will have you sweating in the first 10 minutes! Want to flow but also slow it down? I got you with a Yinyasa Flow. I get to know you and your preferred styles. No two clients are the same and that is what is so amazing!

Benefits of having your private sessions online:

1.) Freedom to be at home

2.) Come as you are

3.) 1on1 Mentor 

5.) Specifically geared toward you and your goals/needs (ie, decrease stress, increase mobility/flexibility, workout, pregnancy/labour prep, pose advancement etc)

6.) Safe space to gain confidence in your practice

7.) Unlimited questions

8.) An outlet to help cope/manage the following: anxiety/depression/ injuries/tension/traumas

9.) 1on1 Meditations if you want that for your lesson

10.) Scheduling your time in advance to keep you accountable

11.) Increase range of motion and mobility  

12.) See your quality of life increase because you feel better in your body

13.)Practicing knowing you have proper alignment to keep you and your vessel safe!

14.) ZOOM app is used which is free to use 

While there are many more I can go into you will just have to take a lesson and see for yourself! Pricing listed below as well as client testimonials


- London, England

Maddie is the reason I do yoga. My first class was with one of my other friends and she was so welcoming and patient with me - I was a complete beginner! 

Now, I know Maddie well and do weekly classes with her. What never ceases to amaze me is how flexible and brilliant she is at teaching. No matter what I need physically or mentally, she can curate the perfect session on the spot. 

I also really appreciate her knowledge of anatomy and the human body. She can explain what my body is doing in every pose and knows how to prevent or guide me through any injuries I have going in.

Maddie has been such a positive addition to my life and I would recommend her to anyone!!

Price List

Contact to purchase, space is limited


Fire Starter

2 Online sessions, each 1 hour. This package is great for those who are wanting to give one on ones a try without the large commitment of the larger packages!


Earth Package

5 Online sessions, each 1 hour. Great if you want to dive right in and make the commitment! All levels welcome


Water Flow Package 

10 Online sessions, each 1 hour. Receive $10 off whewn you purchase this package. This is perfect for those who are ready to make the commitment, purchasing 10 keep your accountable to your practice! All can be used at your own pace.

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