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The Thoughts Of Blaise Pascal

[And who doubts that, if we dreamt in company, and the dreams chanced to agree, which is common enough, and if we were always alone when awake, we should believe that matters were reversed? In short, as we often dream that we dream, heaping dream upon dream, may it not be that this half of our life, wherein we think ourselves awake, is itself only a dream on which the others are grafted, from which we wake at death, during which we have as few principles of truth and good as during natural sleep, these different thoughts which disturb us being perhaps only illusions like the flight of time and the vain fancies of our dreams?]

The Thoughts of Blaise Pascal

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I feel that I might not have been; for the Ego consists in my thoughts. Therefore I, who think, would not have been, if my mother had been killed before I had life. I am not then a necessary being. In the same way I am not eternal or infinite; but I see plainly that there exists in nature a necessary Being, eternal and infinite.

I have spread out my hands all the day unto an unbelieving people, which walketh in a way that was not good, after their own thoughts; a people that provoketh me to anger continually by the sins they commit in my face; that sacrificeth to idols, &c.

Blaise Pascal was a mathematician with a great impact. He began his mathematical journey from a young age, and, throughout his lifetime, made significant contributions in geometry, probability, philosophy and religion. Toward the end of his short life, Pascal became focused on his faith, which led to a change in his thoughts and has served as an example to Christian mathematicians ever since.

Love and destiny, life, death, and God are only some of the feelings and thoughts that Omar Khayyam poured into his Rubaiyat. This is a bilingual Persian-English recording of the famous ancient poem from the Middle East. 041b061a72


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