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3 Best Gerber To PDF Converter Software For Windows Free

3 Best Gerber to PDF Converter Software for Windows Free

Gerber files are a standard format for PCB design data that contain information about the layout, dimensions, and components of a printed circuit board. Gerber files can be used by PCB manufacturers to produce the physical boards, but they are not very easy to view or print on a regular computer. That's why you may need a Gerber to PDF converter software that can convert your Gerber files to PDF format, which is more widely supported and accessible. PDF files can also preserve the vector graphics quality of Gerber files, and allow you to add annotations, layers, and bookmarks.

In this article, we will introduce you to three of the best Gerber to PDF converter software for Windows that are free to use. These software can help you convert multiple Gerber files at once, customize the output settings, and preview the results before saving. Let's take a look at them.


1. Gerber2PDF

Gerber2PDF is a command-line tool that can convert Gerber files to PDF for proofing and hobbyist printing purposes. It supports both RS-274D and RS-274X Gerber formats, and can convert multiple Gerber files at once, placing the resulting layers each on its own page within the PDF. Each layer has a PDF bookmark for easy reference. You can also combine layers onto a single page and render them with custom colors and transparency. You can optionally mirror the layers and crop the pages to fit your design. Gerber2PDF is fast, simple, and reliable, and has no external dependencies.

2. GerbView

GerbView is a powerful Gerber viewer and converter that can handle Gerber, ODB++, PDF, Excellon, PLT and other file formats. You can view, print, markup, and convert your files with ease. You can convert your files to PDF, DXF, DWF, RS-274X, TIFF, SVG and more. You can also create layered PDF, DXF and DWF files where each loaded file will correspond to a separate layer in the destination file. You can set the scale, color, transparency, and orientation of each layer. You can also add text, barcodes, QR-codes, images, arrows, lines, symbols, ellipses and polygons as markup elements. GerbView also has a PDF to CAD feature that can convert your PDF files back to editable Gerber RS-274X and Autodesk DXF files.

3. ZofzPCB

ZofzPCB is a 3D Gerber viewer that can also export your design to PDF format. It can load multiple Gerber files and display them in a realistic 3D view with different rendering modes. You can zoom, rotate, pan, and measure your design with accuracy. You can also inspect the components, nets, pads, vias, holes, and copper layers of your PCB. ZofzPCB can export your design to a single-page or multi-page PDF file with high resolution and quality. You can choose the paper size, orientation, margin, scale, and layer visibility for the output file. ZofzPCB is a great tool for visualizing and verifying your PCB design before manufacturing.


These are some of the best Gerber to PDF converter software for Windows that are free to use. They can help you convert your Gerber files to PDF format with ease and flexibility. Whether you need a command-line tool or a graphical user interface tool, whether you need a simple conversion or a complex one with layers and markup elements, whether you need a 2D or a 3D view of your design, you can find a suitable software from this list. Try them out and see which one works best for you.


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