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Combat Mission Fortress Italy Skidrow

Combat Mission Fortress Italy Skidrow - A Review of the Game and Its Mods

Combat Mission Fortress Italy (CMFI) is a tactical war game that simulates the Allied invasion of Sicily and the Italian mainland during World War II. The game was developed by Battlefront and released in 2012, with two expansions: Gustav Line in 2014 and Rome to Victory in 2019. The game features realistic terrain, weather, weapons, vehicles, and soldiers from various nations, such as the United States, Britain, Canada, Germany, and Italy. The game also supports multiplayer modes, scenario editor, and modding tools.

Skidrow is a group of hackers who cracked the game and released it for free on the internet. Skidrow's version of CMFI includes the base game and the two expansions, as well as some unofficial patches and mods that enhance the game's graphics, sound, and gameplay. Some of the most popular mods are:


  • CMFI HD Terrain Mod: This mod improves the quality and variety of the terrain textures, making them more detailed and realistic. The mod also adds new types of terrain, such as mud, snow, ice, and lava.

  • CMFI Sound Mod: This mod replaces the original sound effects with more realistic and immersive ones. The mod also adds new sounds for weapons, vehicles, explosions, voices, and ambient noises.

  • CMFI UI Mod: This mod changes the user interface of the game, making it more user-friendly and intuitive. The mod also adds new icons, menus, buttons, and fonts.

  • CMFI Historical Uniforms Mod: This mod adds historical accuracy and variety to the uniforms of the soldiers. The mod also adds new helmets, hats, badges, patches, and insignia.

  • CMFI Historical Vehicles Mod: This mod adds historical accuracy and variety to the vehicles of the game. The mod also adds new tanks, trucks, cars, motorcycles, planes, and boats.

If you are a fan of war games and history, you might want to try Combat Mission Fortress Italy Skidrow. The game offers a realistic and challenging simulation of the battles in Italy during World War II. The game also has a vibrant modding community that provides new content and improvements for the game. You can download the game and its mods from [Mod DB], [Battlefront], or [Battlefront Community].


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