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5 Magical Experiences In Uganda

An estimated 300,000 children under the age of 18 actively take part in combat, or serve as support personnel, for armed groups in more than 30 conflicts worldwide [1]. Children may be forcibly recruited, abducted or coerced into joining non-state armed groups [2]. Once enrolled, these children face prolonged exposure to violence, including but not limited to being forced to kill or harm others, and repeated personal victimization, including sexual violence [3]. Children are considered even more vulnerable than adults to detrimental effects of these experiences, which occur during their formative years [4] and are robbed of many of the standard opportunities for physical, emotional, and intellectual development.

5 magical experiences in Uganda


The semi-structured interview guide was designed based on informational interviews with NGO staff and community members in affected areas, and refined after pilot interviews in Dungu. Interviews were conducted in Zande (the local tribal language), or French, based on participant preference. Following a semi-structured guide, participants were asked to describe their understanding of LRA abduction practices, whether experienced personally or understood through the context of service provision, the impact of the LRA, feelings of vulnerability, any gender differences in experiences with the LRA, reintegration of children and adults formerly abducted by the LRA into communities, and community coping and resilience strategies towards the ongoing insecurity. Probes were used to elicit details. A translator and one to two researchers were present at each interview. Interviews were transcribed verbatim during the interviews. These notes were combined for completeness, and were reviewed for accuracy and translated into English language for analysis.

Findings should be considered in light of several limitations. The generalizability of findings beyond the geographic areas included in our study is unclear. Security and logistical constraints rendered some regions, including the highly impacted Bas Uele region, inaccessible. Despite efforts to include a diversity of experiences, our sample is limited to those that were most accessible. We were not able to include youth still part of the LRA; they may have had qualitatively different indoctrination experiences. Despite efforts to ensure accuracy in transcription and translation, including clarifying concepts during interviews and debriefing after interviews to confirm accuracy, some information may have been lost.

The dapivirine vaginal ring has been well-tolerated and shown to prevent HIV in clinical trials. The ring is female initiated, yet endorsement for use is sought from male partners in many relationships. In clinical studies, participants have expressed worries about men detecting rings during vaginal sex, which introduces concerns about product use disclosure, sexual pleasure, penile harm, inter-partner dynamics, and ring removals. This study reports African men's firsthand sexual experiences with the ring. Qualitative data were captured through 11 focus group discussions and one in-depth interview with 54 male partners of ring-users at six research sites in Malawi, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe. Following a semi-structured guide, and using demonstration rings, vulva and penis models, men were asked to discuss the ring's impact on sex and views on male engagement and ring use. Interviews were facilitated by local male social scientists, audio-recorded, translated into English, and analyzed thematically. 22 (41%) of the male partners reported feeling the ring during sex, often attributed to perceived incorrect insertion. Many men described the ring as "scratching" the tip of their penises, and sensations of "prodding" something that "blocked" the vagina and prohibited "full entry". In most cases, feelings dissipated with time or when sexual fluids increased. Less common descriptions included perceiving the vaginal texture, wetness and size as different, which increased pleasure for some, and decreased for others. Over half (59%) never noticed the ring; some attempting and failing to feel it during intercourse. A majority of men reported that the ring did not lead to changes in sexual positions, feelings, frequency or experience of sex, although some were initially afraid that the ring was a "magic snake" or "potion". Male partners expressed strong opinions that ring use was a shared prevention responsibility that men should be engaged in, especially for maintaining trust and open communication in relationships. The ring was noticed by many male partners, particularly during women's initial stages of ring use, although this led to few sexual problems or changes. Nevertheless, results suggest that risk of ring discovery should be discussed with women to mitigate any potential negative reactions or social harm. Strategies to increase male partner engagement will enhance support of this prevention method for women.

Join a guided 4 hours golden monkey habituation experience in Mgahinga Gorilla National park with Africa Adventure Safaris. Similar to other habituation experiences (mountain gorillas and chimpanzees) Golden monkey habituation experience is the practice of training wild golden monkeys to make them familiar with people before they are open for trekking. Travelers join a team of researchers, conservationists,s and primate doctors in the jungle to tame these endangered species. With no doubt, golden monkeys are one of the most visited primates in Africa. The lively and playful characters of golden monkeys make an encounter with them magical. In Africa, golden monkeys are only found in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda and Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.

With a passion for wildlife, conservation and nature, we became field guide. It has been 20 years of memorable experiences, breath-taking moments, and endless tales of wonder and beauty. We are totally committed to our clients and we strongly believe that any safari is an experience of a lifetime and our mission is to make the most out of it in order to satisfy our clients!

The real gorilla habituation adventure starts when you get face-to-face with these incredible apes. You should note that the point of gorilla habituation is to follow the group and stay in their vision as they move, eventually getting closer to reach that magical 7-meter distance. But unlike fully habituated groups who wander around patiently during your permitted hour, these gorillas move fast to feed, dashing through dense rainforest, storming up and down slippery slopes, and crawling on knuckles through bushes, with you and the tracker team in hot pursuit. This activity is not for the unfit or fainthearted.

After your adventurous Uganda gorilla habituation experience in Bwindi, you go relax on the magical lake Bunyonyi. This irregularly-shaped lake and her islands are undisputedly one of the most beautiful areas of Uganda. Dotted with 29 islands, the tranquil lake is the second deepest in Africa. It is encircled by a ring of intensively cultivated terraced farms in every shade of green imaginable and these vibrant colors accentuate the glassy water like a lovely frame.

Rhino tracking in Uganda is a magical experience of walking in the wilderness with trained and knowledgeable rangers as they help to ensure the safety of tourists from this rare and critically endangered species. It involves watching Rhinos in their natural habitat. Rhino tracking is only done in Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary. Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary is the only place in East Africa where you can track Rhinos on foot and see them in the wild. Rhinos move freely on around 7000 hectares of land and presently it is home to over 32 southern white Rhinos. The Wild Life Authority and the Rhino Fund Uganda collaborated on the Rhino Reintroduction effort so as to prevent the extinction of Southern white rhinos which were hunted down by poachers and killed in Kidepo national park and Murchison falls National Park. Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary is located in Nakitoma, Nakasongola district on the Gulu highway towards Murchison falls.

Gorillas and Wildlife Safaris is a local tour operator based in Kampala, Uganda with a dedicated team of experienced staff organizing one-of-a-kind East African safari experiences catered for westerners and at a reasonable cost.

Encounter Africa Safaris is an Uganda tour operator offering customized Uganda Safari packages. The Ugandan-based tour operator is an expert in creating and curating amazing safari packages including gorilla tracking, game drives, birding safaris, chimpanzee tours, mountain climbing, boat cruises, rafting, and kayaking, hot-balloon adventures, wildlife safaris, culture experiences, Kampala excursions as well as fly-in safaris.

Achieve Global Safaris is one of the best Uganda tour companies creating amazing safari experiences in Uganda, as well as neighboring Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Congo. The company has a highly trained and specialized team offering a mix of affordable and luxury safaris that can be tailor-made to suit the needs of its clientele.

With those with little time to spare but eager to see the highlight surroundings of Kampala, these packages are for you. There is a choice of royal tombs tours, bird watching tours, forest walks, gaming experiences, tree-house experience tours, white rhino trekking, rural African life experience tours, and even a traditional marriage experience where you can marry your better half on one of the most original activities of a lifetime.

Have an open mind! A lot of travelers have this unrealistic expectation of seeing river crossings with thousands and thousands of wildebeest (and the odd crocodile) battling it out in the ultimate scene from National Geographic! The migration is a natural phenomenon and no year is the same as the last. That being said, it is magical!

Carrie Pallardy is a Chicago-based writer and editor. Despite just returning from a trip to New Zealand, her wish list of places to travel is nearly endless. She plans to travel to every continent and every national park in the U.S., and, of course, loves to write about her experiences traveling near and far.


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